Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wind, Windows and whinge, whinge

Funny thing, blogging software. You'd think, wouldn't you, that the date at the top of the post was the date you published it, yes? Well it's not! It's the date you first 'save' it. So if you get interrupted half way through, like I was on the last one, it still hangs on to the date you originally started it. But then if you go check your posts, you get the real date! That's why the last one may have sounded like the ramblings of a lunatic. There is a three week gap between starting it and finishing it. Just didn't look like it!

So who is malcolmgoodson? Over the years I've built up a little 'group' of e-chums and we keep in touch through email. Now malcolmgoodson is someone that's been sending gags and stuff to me over email for almost as long as I can remember. I 'named' the blog after him mainly because he keeps saying he's going to come one year and do some 'droring'. He hasn't made it so far but I live in hope. He did the little portrait of the 'family', which I have to say is a pretty good likeness considering how he's never been here. He's actually not bad when all is said and done.

Alright, alright, I take it all back. You can edit the date for your post. Just found it! Thank you malcolmgoodson for pointing out that I'm not as bright as I thought I was!

These last weeks have conspired to keep me from my blog. A couple of days after the storm abated half the machines in the station crashed! Why can't they use Linux. Bl**dy Windoze! AND Linux has a Penguin for a logo! I mean even OSX would be better than the abortion Microsoft call Windoze Pizza! Took them ages to sort the mess out, just hope they kept back ups, knowing them, probably not! Then another storm blew in, worse than the last one and we've all been hunkered down until today.

They have this little twirly thing on the outside of the station which measures the wind speed at penguin height (as opposed to station roof height). There's two little hands one of which shows the current wind speed, the other the maximum speed recorded that year. Monday, the second one went round to 270kph! It's not really that nice here at the moment!

Still it's got a little calmer and hopefully I'll get to put a few more posts up before the next storm. It's probably at least another four weeks before Fricka returns. If she does. No, I won't think about that. Oh well, you get used to it, sort of, but God/omnipotent being who does not exist am I hungry!