Friday, 22 July 2011

Literary Pretensions and pseudo-intellectual nonsense

Well, well, well. Has it been a whole year? How time flies when you are having fun!

I just thought that I would stop by and give you a quick update on what I have been doing when I have not been writing this blog. Not very much! However, I have achieved a significant milestone in the annals of the penguin. The journal of a year in the penguin's life is now complete; all nine months and 105,000 words of it.

A tale of love, redemption and two Danish pastries! While there is not much chance that it will ever see the light of day on Amazon, we can but hope! It is significant because, at long last, I have made up for this blog's glaring omission from December 2008; the report of Cozy's little extravanza, 'you'll believe a penguin can fly' is finally complete. Yes, barrel-rolls, somersaults and Cozy's escapades with the flares; they are all there!

Should Penguin Books not see fit to publish my masterpiece, I might well publish it here, or at least extracts from it. I have no intention of completely giving up hope; it is, after all, a masterpiece to rival Melville!

Oh, in case any of are wondering, the quality of the 'newbies' hasn't improved at all! They are still as doltish as ever!